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tri: seputar KPR. mau bertanya uang booking fee dan dp dianggap hangus tidak apabila tidak disetujui
Bitto: When I started out on RBTI, I did have some mailatres, but limited background in science, physics and math. That caused the mailatres to make little sense to me, so I was kind of dependent on someone to teach me. The person who was open for that believes his efforts should be repaid with interest. But the fun part is that he believes it does not have to be repaid to him. He prefers it to be repaid to someone who needs it more. With that in mind and the fact that I am a very social being, it was simple; I wanted to help and so give back what was given to me. But I have found that there is quite some hesitation in most when I ask ‘can I see your pee?’. So right from the start I saw the benefits of online / mail / Facebook consultation. A bit safer for the client, but still working with them, interacting and reaching out. Always providing a listening ear to whatever difficulties there are.From experience on working with clients I know that many can’t completely follow the program to the T, especially in the beginning. I believe it is better to start slowly and take baby steps than it is to stress someone out by stating every test the numbers got a little further from health that he / she did not follow the program. And to be honest: with the large amount of wobbles in the beginning, there is no way to see all the thousands of processes in the body. Let’s work together and focus on the good things, not the bad things. I would rather just explain what happened in the set of numbers compared to the other sets, and move forward.Every client is different. Some have little difficulty sticking to the program, others need some encouragement or more explanation to be motivated. But there are also some that need to be told not to stress out, to enjoy life and understand that their health is important to support their lives, that they don’t live to support their health. But if a person neglected their health for too long, it does require some serious attention and lifestyle changes.But if they are willing to make the necessary changes, and get closer to health, seeing that and getting the positive feedback that not only their physical health improves but also quite often they stand a little more positive in life, that is so rewarding.That is my true motivation to keep going with this, to keep learning while I try to help my clients learn. Since everyone is different and we all get different signals from our body that can help clarify what is going on inside, the best consultant is always the person self. So I believe it is best to team up, to work together, try and share information and what it means. That way we can work on a program that truly suits the client’s needs. And that is the highway to health from my point of view.My non recurring fee is at time of writing € 35,- a month and there is a free trial of 14 days. The money is directly paid to and will help to support the continuing work on RBTI-log which I use for consulting.VN:R_U [1.9.11_1134](from 0 votes)
Mimi: I told my kids we'd play after I found what I neeedd. Damnit.
greg σ Minggu, 7 April 2013 | 01:23 WIB
klau mau beli rumah melalui bank, gimna carax
MUHAMAD RAMLI Sabtu, 5 April 2014 | 16:16 WIB
Rencana mau KPR ruko,
1. persyaratan nya apa aja?
2. bunga nya perapa
3. dan kami berharap agar peryaratannya agak mudah,
    karena kami nga mau agak ribet.
    mohon segera kabarin balik terimakasi.
aprilia Senin, 12 Januari 2015 | 13:42 WIB
saya ingin tahu kredit KPR sejahtera, caranya gmn? 
kalau untuk wilayah bogor ada nggak KPR sejahtera? 
Bank mana saja yang bekerja sama dengan pemerintah menyelenggarakan
program tersebut?

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